Our Story

Originally, my first store was a brick and mortar health pharmacy offering a range of selected products specifically chosen for my patients. Over the years LifeRx has grown considerably, taking into consideration it was likely the first practice in NYC outside of Chinatown who had a full fledged raw herbal pharmacy with over 500 herbs. I remember using the ancient balance pan weight device to create the formulas on the counter in front of the patient, explaining what each herb did in the formula. Those days were magical, and the lessons learned and information dispensed became the bedrock of my practice. It was during a time when the folks I was seeing demanded a greater degree of research because they would usually show up upon my door after cycling through years of conventional medicine, which opened my eyes to the damage I saw around me. I would attempt to get their primary care practitioner to get involved, but the odds of them wanting to be part of an herbal practice was slim. I was involved in an extremely small group of practitioners who recognized that what we diagnosed and experienced in traditional Chinese medicine was that meds were weakening the qi, and destroying the yin (one's essence), which is critical to restoration and regeneration.

However, my plant based food choices that began over 55 years ago was one of the most important foundations of LifeRx. I began studying a clinical based approach to food that involved a deep understanding of the role that vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutraceuticals played in the way they could change the nature of a disease. As science in the epigenetics field progresses, we have discovered that one can change the genetic DNA predispositions of your family through food. Regardless of the inherited physical component of your existence, it was proven that you have the power to change that without the negative impacts of genetics based illnesses and diseases. Most importantly, you can avoid passing on those unwanted health problems onto your children and break generational patterns. It is a wonderful thing that we can single handedly do so much for ourselves and our families, and liberate ourselves through food. With this approach in mind, we adopted an entire range of products to support this plant based healing process.   

Through these natural healing processes, it has been a blessing to work with patients who have helped analyze the best products out there. My patients are my biggest teachers while being forthright and discriminating between what works and what does not, and serve as guides to keep me on the right path. Throughout this journey I have made it a point to retire products that do not work. Similar to other types of medicine, energy medicine cannot always be 100% effective. However with an understanding that these practices are the driver of your life, my services are designed diagnostically and treated by my understanding of your life force. 

Find out more about LifeRx’s healing products and services on our website; www.liferx.us 


Thank you,

Dumisiani Kambi-Shamba, LAc., MSTOM, Homeopath, clinical nutrition