Cupping Treatment

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Treatment Description:

Using gentle, controlled suction to increase blood flow in problem areas, this deep tissue massage aids with pain, inflammation, circulation, tranquility, and supports the energetic body in balance and well-being. It offers these problem areas a detox of the tissues and allows fresh, oxygenated blood to move in. Cups are generally left in place for 3 minutes each with anywhere from 3-7 cups placed in one session. 

Treatment Centers and Hours:

We have 2 treatment centers located in Manhattan and Long Island.


    • Tuesday (8am to 6pm)
    • Thursday (8am to 6pm)

Long Island (Freeport, Nassau County)

    • Monday (8am to 12pm)
    • Wednesday (8am to 12pm)
    • Friday (8am to 4pm)
    • Saturday (10am to 1pm)

Terms and Conditions:

Once the service certificate has been purchased all bookings can be made using Zocdoc to book an appointment and preferred location with the link below:

Book Appointment

    Alternatively, you can call 516 425 9032 to schedule an appointment.