Hubei Pneumonia Prevention Formula

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  • The Hubei Pneumonia Prevention formula is based on one of the most popular formulas in Chinese herbal medicine. It’s the go-to formula for cold and pollen seasons, or anytime one’s immune system needs to guard against airborne pathogens. 
  • This formula is designed to strengthen the immune system, to help alleviate early symptoms, and to shorten the duration of Pneumonia and the Flu. 

Preparation and Packaging:

  • Before being packaged into BPA free, single-serve pouches, the formula is prepared using a raw formula that has been cooked in a stainless steel pressure cooker using filtered water. Thereafter, the tea is piped through filters, entering into a vacuum packing chamber for packaging. 
  • 14 single serve pouches, each pouch +/- 4 oz 

Directions / Suggested Use:

  • 1-2 pouches daily as directed by your practitioner. 
  • Soak the unopened pouch in warm water for 3-5 mins before consuming.


  • Radix Astragali 
  • Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae
  • Radix Saposhnikoviae
  • Rhizoma Dryopteridis Crassirhizomatis
  • Flos Lonicerae Japonicae
  • Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae
  • Herba Eupatori
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Carmen R.
United States United States
Great formula

My overall experience is that this is a great formula.

United States United States
Energy booster too

I took the herbs during the onset of this Pandemic to aid in boosting my immunity as I am in the vulnerable age group (pre senior). It gave me such an energetic boost for my day before my exercise regimen. It aids with digestive health by regulating purges. I feel strong and protected while taking it. It is well worth it.

Chantelle W.
United States United States
Yes, Yes, Yes!

I have been drinking a single dose of the Hubei Prevention Formula every other day for the the past month. What I can say is that it honestly improves my overall energy levels throughout the day. Moreso, I notice that on those mornings that I feel low energy, a mild headache or like my body is coming down with something- this formula miraculously (I exaggerate not) gives me a boost of energy and has me feeling strong and healthy almost right away. I also made sure that I ran errands that required me to leave my house on a day that coincided with a Hubei morning dose. This definitely gave me the confidence and reassurance that I was protected from the inside out. Heads up: I recommend a slice of lemon straight after, the taste is an acquired one!