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Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan

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  • Kidney Yang deficiency with insufficient life gate fire. Presents with lower back pain, lower extremities weakness, cold sensation below the waist and lower abdomen tenseness. Also treats impotence, frequent nocturia, dizzy head and tinnitus, inhibited or frequent urination, and phlegm-rheum panting and coughing. Tongue is pale and swollen with a thin, white, and moist coating. Pulse is empty or frail. Meridian Pro Formulas Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan Granules warms Ming Men Fire, tonifies Kidney Yang, benefits Kidneys for patterns with symptoms such as weak and achy low back, cold feeling in the lower body, fatigue, pallor, impotence or premature ejaculation.

Preparation and Packaging:

  • 100g loose granule powder 

Directions / Suggested Use:

  • Some herbal products should not be taken while pregnant or nursing. Consult an herbalist prior to use.


  • Rehmannia Root Tuber Sheng Di Huang Chinese Yam Rhizome Shan Yao Asiatic Dogwood Fruit w/o Seed Shan Zhu Yu Asian Water Plantain Rhizome Ze Xie Poria Sclerotium Fu Ling Tree Peony Root-Bark Mu Dan Pi Cinnamon Twig Gui Zhi Ginger (Dried) Gan Jiang Other Ingredients: gluten-free maltodextrin High Solubility Sulfur-Free GMP Certified TGA Certified Granule Accuracy Check Technology