Seasonal Therapeutics Program


What is “Seasonal Therapuetic Medicine”?

 LifeRx Global Medicine have been using a seasonal approach to medicine for over 20 years. We take advantage of the natural cycles that impact you. We recognize that you and the earth are not apart but share in the same destiny. So it would be untenable for me to treat an illness without checking the terrestrial clock. Just as we note the time of day when symptoms occur, and using the Chinese 24 hour organ clock we can pinpoint with accuracy the organ(s) that are involved in the presentation of the illness/disease.

 Likewise, the seasonal clock tells what organs are involved in maintaining your health. For example the the Spring the organs of elimination naturally begin detoxify the body, all of the organs involved in the process, liver, Gallbladder, Stomach, large and small colon are related to that season. The purpose of seasonal medicine is to bolster and support the body’s drainage and lymphatic system.

 Seasonal Therapeutics is an approach that Life Rx Global Medicine has teamed up with Innate Response to bring  products which supports our continuing seasonal programs for our patients, blending cutting edge science and global medicine together to meet the demands of the changing seasons. Seasonal Therapeutics provides a evidence-based, nature-oriented approach, using diet, nutrients and herbs in combination with mind/body therapies.

The Process:

 We start with a orientation of what to expect during the seasonal therapy.  Over a seven (7) day duration during the Spring Season, you will receive two (2) acupuncture treatments, specific products and nutrition that is targeted at removing toxins from the blood, cells, lymphatic system. The liver is supported by acupuncture,  herbs, amino acids and foods. We explain how to start and end the process to get most benefit from the seasonal therapeutic program.

 Detox Products which includes: Liver Support, Colon detox, Defense system

 Acupuncture treatment to stimulate drainage in organs, clear toxic heat, eliminate dampness and power up you Qi

Nutritional Guidelinesto help use foods to harmonize the seasonal energies

Qi Gong to stimulate the body qi on a daily basis using sound and movement

This seasonal approach will shift  your idea of care paradigm from one “annual visit” to multiple “seasonal visits”, wherein you will have the opportunity to help apply the Seasonal Therapeutics concepts, empowering yourself to thrive throughout the year.

 Each season is covered in-depth during a lecture live event. This live event delve into clinical considerations applicable to the season and outlines an integrative approach that can be easily implemented into your lifestyle.