Nutritional Counseling


LifeRx Global Medicine has several nutritional programs that are geared toward helping a patient with specific challenges in the areas of detoxification, GI tract, blood sugar imbalances, inflammation and stress.

We also focus on getting to the core of the triggers for emotional and mental eating, helping our patients achieve permanent results in the areas of weight loss, permanent body fat loss, detoxification and attaining the most favorable metabolic rate as well as optimal well being.

 We also focus our teachings on each patient’s success by addressing sleep disturbances, stress reduction, Qi gong, yoga, exercise, core supplementation and how to establish nutrition as one of the key pillars for success in life and health. Through the guidance of Dumisani Kambi-Shamba, Ameni Harris, Jovanka Ciaries and our team, each patient is also able to begin a new life style that is fueled by wellness, positive outlook and a dynamic presence.

LifeRx Global Medicine currently offers these programs:

 Seasonal Therapeutic  - a one week super detox program

WaistLoss Success – a 12 week life style program addressing detoxification, transition, building a structured individualized Waist loss Plan” that addresses stress, nutrition, exercise and emotions.

 Get Fit Stay Fit – an 8 week program addressing diet, exercise and purpose

Each program is supported by a:

◦                                  Food Plan

◦                                  Menus & Recipes

◦                                  A Grocery Shopping Coach

◦                                  Weekly Q&A Calls

◦                                  MP3 Playbacks of each call for your positive reinforcement

◦                                  Your Detox Kit

◦                                  and more!

Our nutritional counseling programs includes clinical nutrition, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic dietary approach. This is a way of integrating nutrition, acupuncture, herbs. massage, Qi gong, exercise and meditation, rather than just relying on surgery, radiation and drugs. We help give people the answers they are seeking to reduce the adverse effects of drug therapy and surgery.

Many of today’s most challenging, costly, and debilitating conditions, including a variety of age-related disease, are now recognized as being closely tied to the mismatch between dietary and lifestyle habits and genetic predisposition.