Get Fit Stay Fit Program

Get Fit Stay Fit     

Why Fit Matters?

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If you are struggling to maintain a healthy diet, weight and a more balanced lifestyle, you have come to the right place.

If you want to achieve a higher level of fitness, we are here for you as well.

We help those who need to lose weight as well as those who have fitness as a goal. Your goals are our priority.

Our coaching model has proven effective at helping hundreds of people feel better both physically and mentally.

You are unique and different.

Most people want to feel healthier, look better, and have more energy; but the approaches and strategies that bring each person to those goals are unique.

At LifeRX, we get to know YOU. We make it possible and enjoyable for you to incorporate exercise into your busy life; as a result, you can achieve a higher quality of life.

A healthy lifestyle is an important foundation for wellness and happiness.

That’s why we developed the Get Fit Stay Fit Program.


The Get Fit Stay Fit Program is a live group coaching program designed with YOU in mind.

With this program you will learn:

  • How to lose weight, slim down and heal from the inside out

  • What to eat, how to eat it and why

  • The easiest way to get all the nutrients you need without starving yourself

  • The most effective fat-burning foods

  • The most effective workout to get long, lean, yet strong muscles

  • Mind/spirit techniques to help you reach your emotional/spiritual goals


Here’s a snapshot of  your program

You will attend 8, 1-hour workshops led by Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and nutrition consultant Jovanka Ciares in the warm inviting home of the Life Rx offices in New York City.


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