AcupunctureWhat is Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine?

Oriental Medicine has been practiced for more than 2,500 years and includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, Oriental massage and Oriental nutrition.  It is a system of medicine that categorizes body patterns into specific types of diagnoses with corresponding treatment plans.

  Acupuncture  treats patients by manipulating thin, solid needles that have been inserted into acupuncture points in the skin. According to Oriental medicine, stimulating these points can correct imbalances in the flow of qi through channels known as meridians.

Yet scientific research has not found any anatomical or physiological correlates for qi, meridians and acupuncture points.  Current scientific research indicates that traditional forms of acupuncture are more effective than placebos in the relief of certain types of pain and post-operative nausea.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine is practiced in China, Japan, Korea, VietNam, Thailand, Tibet and India.  One may be surprised to learn that Oriental medical theory and practice has spread to France, England, Spain, Germany, Russia, much of Middle and South America, and Africa.  It has gained worldwide acceptance and recognition as effective medical treatment.

Due to the sheer weight of evidence, acupuncture demands that it be taken seriously as a clinical approach of considerable value.  Over 15 million Americans have turned to it, making it the complementary treatment of choice together with conventional medicine for Americans everywhere.

Oriental medical doctors (practitioners) use a variety of healthcare therapies.  Acupuncture, moxibustion (which is a type of heat therapy using the mugwort plant), and Chinese herbal Medicine are the most popular.

Other aspects of Oriental Medicine are:

• Diet, Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling
• Cupping – this employs a glass or bamboo cup as a suction device to stimulate blood circulation
• Tai Chi – a form of physical exercise
• Qi Gong – breath exercise
• Meditation
• Tui Na- Various forms of massage

 Acupuncture and Oriental Medcine can successfully treat:

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Psoriatic Arthritis
Psoriasis, Lupus SLE
Graves’ Disease
Crohn’s Disease
Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

GERD, IBS, Gastritis
Crohn’s Disease
Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis
Chronic Diarrhea, Dysentery
Stomach & Abdominal Pain
Hemorrhoids, Bloody Stools

Allergy, Sinusitis
Bronchitis, Asthma
Bladder & UTI Infections
Inflammation & Swelling
Viral Infections
Fungal Infections
Bacterial Infections

Panic Disorder, Panic Attack
Anxiety and Depression
Anger, Stress, Fear
Mood Swings, Moodiness

Infertility, Miscarriage
Natural Pregnancy
Hormonal Imbalance
Female System Care
Tumors & Cysts
Menopause, Hot Flashes
Sterility, ED
Male System Care

Psoriasis, Eczema
Scaly, Itchy, Irritated Skin
Acne & Blemished Skin
Natural Face Lift
Sagging Skin, Wrinkles
Dermatitis, Inflammation
Hives (Urticaria)
Insect Bites

Hypertension (HBP)
High Cholesterol
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia
Phlebitis, Thrombosis
Thyroid Disorders
Hyper- or Hypothyroidism
Liver Diseases, Hepatitis
Liver Fibrosis & Cirrhosis
Neuralgia, Neuropathy
Chronic Severe Pain

Courtesy California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA)