About Us


Our approach uses a unique form of primary health care that blends modern, scientific knowledge with natural forms of medicine. Treatments are completely drug free, using natural therapies that are focused on stimulating your body’s natural healing abilities. Instead of simply masking symptoms, we work together to correct the root-level cause of your imbalance.

                              We treat the patient Not the Disease!

  Life Rx global medicine is a tranquil space where individuals can come for mental, physical and spiritual balancing. We are an oasis in the city, a place where you can focus on healing by learning and beginning to put into practice lifestyle changes that will enable the body to regain vibrant health by restoring its own healing power. We offer programs and treatments in Oriental Medicine (acupuncture/Chinese herbs), Nutrition, Yoga, Ayurveda, Qi Gong, Massage, Homeopathy and Spiritual centering services.

 We offer several health packages, each designed to help inspire you to make lasting changes. Each package includes services that you can hand-pick based on your special needs. Our practitioners specialize in Pain Management, weight reductions (Waist Loss),  and Seasonal Therapeutics.  Our board certified herbalists, acupuncturists, homeopath, and nutritionists administer our programs. For individuals who are seeking the best of both worlds, nature based medicine and bio medicine, you will find our practitioners knowledgeable and supportive of whatever path you may choose.

 We use  the following modalities and resources to treat patients:


Botanical medicine

Clinical nutrition and supplementation


Lifestyle counseling


Disease prevention


Laboratory testing